Shinee - Onew ❝I caught you staring, but I didn't look away. ❞

keep it in your pants jjong

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This fancam got to me because of the look on Jinki’s face. Look at him, look how relaxed and indifferent he is before they announced SHINee won Best Artist. That is not the face of someone who anticipates his own win. He claps because he has to, because he expects he’ll have to mask his disappointment and congratulate someone else. He was not expecting his own group to be called up there.

And then, against to what he believes to be all odds, SHINee does win and everyone jumps up to congratulate him and all he does is stop clapping and blankly stare at the announcer because he simply cannot believe they just won a daesang. In the last gif he is finally dragged off his seat and into Yixing’s arms, and even then he just looks dazed and unsure. “Did we really just win this? Is it really okay to cheer?”

This got to me so much, because he—and with him the rest of SHINee, is so genuinely surprised. So happy, but unable to grasp the moment. I personally thought it was gorgeous.

Congratulations, Jinki. Congratulations, SHINee.

These are some of the moments that Shawols live for.

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why can’t I have a twin brother who is a member of my favorite group but suddenly he get’s sick and I need to take up his place and dress up as him and keep that as a secret. but every member would find out and fall for me
why can’t my life be like this

Isn’t this You’re Beautiful? Except AN-JELL is not Mi-nyeo’s favorite band.

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with the way you’re acting right now, no way are you sleeping tonight mr. lee

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» True bias love is when you still love Onew after he launches one of his “funny” jokes.
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Jongho being idiots

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High Five!

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